Monday, November 28, 2011

MoneyMail: Looking Forward to the Challenges Ahead

“Too Good To Be True”

When we first launched MoneyMail, the initial response was; “It’s too good to be true”. We did not take this response negatively; instead, we found it motivating, and at the same time, reassuring that our idea of paying consumers for their time to view ads was indeed “too good”. Therefore, we realized that one of our greatest challenges would be to show consumers that MoneyMail is, in fact “true” – a trustworthy and beneficial community. Why is it such a challenge to establish MoneyMail as a reputable community? Unfortunately, there are no shortages of illegitimate companies making false claims and promises. This makes it difficult for an up-and-coming company with an innovative business model (deemed “too good to be true”) to earn the trust of consumers. However, we are very confident and know that soon enough, more people will start spreading the ‘good word’ about our community. As more and more members begin earning money for viewing ads; it’s only a matter of time before MoneyMail explodes. We hope you will be with us during this sudden rise in growth and popularity.

The “Chicken And Egg” Dilemma

MoneyMail is faced with a “chicken and egg” dilemma. We have 2 types of members – consumers and advertisers. Each plays a vital role to the success of the whole community. Consumers attract advertisers (especially as the number of consumers increases) and advertisers attract consumers (especially as the number of ads distributed increases). However, the challenge for MoneyMail is that we have started from ground zero – zero consumers and zero advertisers. For Phase I of development, we have decided to proceed by attracting consumers first. This has not been easy; mainly because we have little to no advertisers sending out ads. With the lack of ads circulating in the MoneyMail community, it is difficult to create trust, loyalty and enough consumer buzz to grow this community at the rate we desire. Nonetheless, MoneyMail remains optimistic and unrelenting in our mission to establish a community where all members greatly benefit and earn money. Why are we so optimistic? It is because we have tremendous faith in our members to help this community grow. We hope your faith in us, in developing such a community, is just as strong.

Uncharted Territories

By far, one of MoneyMail’s greatest challenges is that we are one of a kind. There are no other successful companies using this business model that we can emulate. There is no set road map we can follow to develop our vision. MoneyMail is treading in uncharted territories and we are relying on guesswork, forethought and most of all, intuition. And as difficult as this journey may prove to be for us, we will continue to strive forward. Because that’s what successful leaders in every industry do; they go boldly where no one has gone before and they trust in their ability to rise above all challenges.       

Please feel free to leave a comment, add any suggestions which you think will help this community grow and prosper, and play an active role in growing the MoneyMail community by sharing this blog with everyone you know. Thank you!

The MoneyMail Team

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Important is the Email Subject Line?

The Struggle

As an advertiser, have you ever thought...why are there so many books, articles and blog posts (such as the following on getting ad mail successfully delivered, opened and read? Why is this method of email marketing considered effective? Actually, it is not! MoneyMail knows that their platform is a much better way for advertisers to connect with consumers and we’ll explain why Moneymail is more effective after looking at 3 major struggles advertisers face when using conventional email marketing:
  1. Delivery - An advertiser can create the perfect ad, but if it never reaches their intended target, all that time, energy and money putting the ad together is a complete waste. We all know that SPAM blockers are set in place to prevent your ad mail from ever reaching your potential customers and, in repeat cases, could eventually lead to having your company blacklisted
  2. Open - Even if your ad mail does successfully reach your potential customer, there is still no guarantee that they will open your ad mail and view it. We can all appreciate how frustrating it is to be bombarded with ad mail when checking personal email. For the most part, consumers just want to read their email when they log in to their account. It’s a well known fact that consumers find ad mail to be a real pain and will often delete it before ever opening it.
  3. View/Read - Finally, if the consumer actually opens your ad mail, the ad has just a few seconds to grab their attention and positively change their attitude. Remember, you are a stranger invading their personal email and trying to sell them something so their attitude is not usually a welcoming one.   
Now this is how the MoneyMail platform addresses and overcomes these these challenges.

The MoneyMail Inbox

First of all, MoneyMail provides our members with a dedicated MoneyMail inbox. For this reason, there is no need to avoid pesky SPAM blockers so the delivery of your ad mail is guaranteed. In addition, our members receive nothing but ads in their MoneyMail inbox, therefore, ad mail is never mixed together with personal email.

The Purpose of MoneyMail

MoneyMail has been created for the purpose of connecting consumers and advertisers in a mutually beneficial way. For members, the sole-purpose for logging into MoneyMail is to check their inbox for ads. Therefore, our advertisers have our members’ undivided attention.

A New Attitude

Please take a moment and think about what you do when you open your personal email. Do you feel annoyed when receiving ads among personal email, especially ads that are of no interest to you? Have you developed a negative attitude toward ad mail, especially when it clutters your email inbox?  Do you delete ad mail without opening it? If you were to ask a group of consumers these questions, the great majority would answer with a resounding YES! So why would you want to receive all this negative attention from potential consumers? It’s time to change their attitudes! With MoneyMail, when our consumers log in, they are greatly anticipating receiving ad mail. There is a completely different emotional response. Not only do you have the consumers’ undivided attention, but they’re in a good mood. And when consumers are in a good mood, they are more likely to purchase from your business. This is, after all, an advertiser’s number one goal.

In closing, MoneyMail suggests that you stop struggling with ineffective email marketing and join a community where your ads are welcome. There is no more more ‘great email subject lines’ more annoyed consumers, just good business.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Crucial Checkpoints for More Effective Ad Targeting

The following is an interesting blog post from HubSpot Blog on Effective Ad Targeting:


Let's face it: there's quite a bit of negative sentiment surrounding ad targeting. It’s not uncommon for consumers to complain that collecting information from their individual browsing behaviors, such as page visits and searches, to optimally select which advertisements they see, is invasive and, some might even say, “creepy.” But we tend to agree with marketing blogger Eric Anderson's perception that ad targeting is actually good for both marketers and consumers. The reason consumers don’t realize this is because the targeted ads themselves aren't often designed with the consumer in mind.

So what can you do to make your targeted ads more effective?
Here are the big 3 points you should consider:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spread the Word, and We'll Spread the Money!

'Spread the Word, and We'll Spread the Money!'

We are launching our 'Spread the Word, and We'll Spread the Money' Campaign. By spreading the word about MoneyMail you help increase membership. The bigger our community the more attractive MoneyMail will be for Advertisers, and in the end, the more money you will earn!

The image above is what we are calling our "Virtual Business Card". We are asking all our current members to copy/save this card and send it to all your email contacts, post it on Facebook and Twitter, post it on Blogs and Message Forums. Our goal is to network out to as many people as possible, and we need your help.

Right-click the image and select 'Save Image As...". This will save the image to your computer.

Use it often, but use it responsibly. We kindly ask that you respect any posting rules and do not SPAM this image for any reason.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MM Official Press Release

New System Sees Consumers Finally Getting Their Fair Share of the Billions Spent on Advertising

MoneyMail, a new online marketing tool, looks to revolutionize advertising, by paying their members 50 cents or more to view ads.

Where Ads Are Wanted!
Quote startMoneyMail believes it will change the old advertising ideology where consumers are regularly left out.Quote end
(PRWEB) March 9, 2011
Everywhere one looks these days, some form of advertising can be seen. Whether on a billboard, on the radio, television or when surfing the net, one can’t help but notice the barrage of ads they are exposed to each day. This inevitably leads to consumer frustration thereby creating resentment toward advertising in general. This totally defeats the purpose of advertising, where an advertiser is looking to create positive branding and ultimately attract the consumer to their product or service. In recognition of this serious flaw, three entrepreneurs have created MoneyMail, an innovative system that strives to bring together advertisers and consumers in a mutually-beneficial community.

How many people know that they are exposed to over 100,000 ads per year? That averages to about 2000 ads per week, a dizzying figure. This translates to any where from 100 - 400 billion dollars (depending on the source) spent per year on advertising in the US alone. Now, from all this money, how much of it does the consumer actually receive... none. No wonder consumers have become desensitized and annoyed by advertising. MoneyMail aims to change all this by actually paying the consumers to view ads. By getting paid 50 cents or more to view ads, MoneyMail is sure that consumers will feel much more favourably toward receiving them. MoneyMail believes it will change the old advertising ideology where consumers are regularly left out.

Consumers, however, are not the only ones who stand to benefit from joining the MoneyMail community. Advertisers will also experience numerous advantages when using this innovative approach. First of all, this system will undoubtedly create a much needed, fresh perspective on advertising exposure. Annoyance and frustration now gives way to a sense of anticipation, and indeed, eagerness on the part of the consumer to receive and view ads. With this new concept, a feeling of positivity will likely form, not only towards the ads themselves, but to the advertisers as well. After all, this is one of the main reasons an advertiser should advertise - to create positive branding. When an advertiser gives to the consumer, a natural inclination to return the favour is formed. As a result, the consumer will most likely purchase the products and services from that particular advertiser. In the marketing world, this phenomenon is known as the ‘Law of Reciprocity’. This law has been studied and researched by academic circles and has been proven to work. As a matter of fact, studies show, over and over again, the countless benefits of using it.

MoneyMail’s mission is to create a community where every member, consumer and advertiser alike, wins. The consumers of this free-to-join community win because they are compensated and valued for their time to view ads. Ads are not intrusive; they do not appear while watching a favourite TV show, while chatting with friends online or by getting mixed up in personal or workplace email. Members simply log in to their MoneyMail account and view ads at their convenience. Consequently, the advertiser wins because they have the consumers’ undivided attention while viewing their ads.

So how does MoneyMail work exactly? Well, when a consumer registers, they complete a profile and a questionnaire to determine their tastes and interests. This allows an advertiser to send ads to their target market, thereby allowing them to better manage their advertising budgets and likely increase the chance of consumers receiving ads of interest. Furthermore, similar to Facebook, advertisers can select a search criteria to identify a target market without ever having access to any members’ personal information. This ensures the users complete anonymity. Once an ad has been sent out, it will appear in the user’s MoneyMail inbox where they can view it at their earliest convenience. After viewing an ad and entering a unique verification code, the user is then credited the predetermined amount (50 cents or more) as set by the advertiser. As for any unviewed ads, advertisers will get their money back, a feature that is very rare in the advertising world.

To learn more about this innovative and dynamic system, please visit

MoneyMail is a Canadian based, online marketing company established in 2010. It was founded by three Toronto based entrepreneurs with a vision to bring consumers and advertisers together on a mutually beneficial platform. To achieve this, MoneyMail pays its members 50 cents or more to view ads, as a result, MoneyMail offers advertisers access to a growing database of consumers, eager to view ads.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

MM FAQ: How Can I Help Spread the Word?

This is our favourite question! :) There are several ways you can help grow the MoneyMail community. We've put together a list of some of the best ways you can use to spread the word:

1. In your MoneyMail Account, you can use the "Manage Referral" Tab to refer your friends. Not only will this help grow the community but for every successful referral that signs up you will receive an extra contest entry for all current and upcoming contests. And remember, there is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

2. "Like" the MoneyMail Fan page on Facebook. Visit and click the "Like" button on the top of the page. You can also "Share" the page to your News Feed so all your friends can see it. The Share link can also be found on the left
hand side (pictured on the right).

3. Add/Install the MoneyMail Application ( Once you have added the MM application, you can view your MM inbox from Facebook to see if you have any ads available.  When you view ads and earn money, it will appear in your news feed which will help show your friends that MM is for real.

4. Invite and Share the MoneyMail Application to your friends. You can also "Like" the MM Application and invite your friends to do the same.

5. On Facebook, one of the most important ways you spread the word, is by getting involved. Comment, post status updates, post on the MM wall and discuss MoneyMail with your friends.

6. Write us a Review on Facebook! We're always looking for reviews. From the MoneyMail Fan Page, click the "Reviews" link on the left hand side (pictured on the right) and write your review!

7. Follow MM on Twitter! And tweet about us!

8. Tweet your favourite businesses and let them know you are on MoneyMail waiting to receive their ads!

9. Blog about us! Talk, chat and discuss MoneyMail on blog sites and message boards. Comment on our blog as well. Write us a comment below and tell us what you think.

10. Share and Post our website on various social sites you use such as Tumblr, MySpace, Digg, StumpleUpon, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Delicious, Bebo and many more!

Remember, spreading the word about MoneyMail will work to your, and the rest of the MM Community’s, benefit.

If you have any comments or suggestions on other ways to help promote and spread the word, please add in a comment or send us an email at

Friday, February 4, 2011

MM FAQ: How do I connect to FaceBook?

Another popular question we get is "How do I connect my MoneyMail Inbox to Facebook?"

You may or may not know, but MoneyMail has a Facebook Application that easily allows you to see if you have any unviewed ads, without logging into MoneyMail. You can also use this application to view your account details and monitor your account balance.

If you are on Facebook, we recommend installing this application. Not only will it help you keep track, but it will also help grow the community and attract more advertisers!

Here are 3 easy steps to successfully connect to Facebook:

Step 1: Click here to install the application. You will be directed to our Application Home Page. If you are already registered as a user on you can skip Step 1. Click the "Install App" button on Step 2.

Step 2: Click the “Go to App” button to install the MM Application:

Step 3: The third and final step is to click the “Allow” button to allow MM to publish to your wall. Note: You only need to complete step 3 once.

That's it! You have successfully installed the MoneyMail Facebook Application. You are now connected to your MoneyMail account.

NOTE: When accessing the site through the MM Facebook Application, you will be automatically connected and do not need to perform the above steps.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment below, or email us at