Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Important is the Email Subject Line?

The Struggle

As an advertiser, have you ever thought...why are there so many books, articles and blog posts (such as the following on getting ad mail successfully delivered, opened and read? Why is this method of email marketing considered effective? Actually, it is not! MoneyMail knows that their platform is a much better way for advertisers to connect with consumers and we’ll explain why Moneymail is more effective after looking at 3 major struggles advertisers face when using conventional email marketing:
  1. Delivery - An advertiser can create the perfect ad, but if it never reaches their intended target, all that time, energy and money putting the ad together is a complete waste. We all know that SPAM blockers are set in place to prevent your ad mail from ever reaching your potential customers and, in repeat cases, could eventually lead to having your company blacklisted
  2. Open - Even if your ad mail does successfully reach your potential customer, there is still no guarantee that they will open your ad mail and view it. We can all appreciate how frustrating it is to be bombarded with ad mail when checking personal email. For the most part, consumers just want to read their email when they log in to their account. It’s a well known fact that consumers find ad mail to be a real pain and will often delete it before ever opening it.
  3. View/Read - Finally, if the consumer actually opens your ad mail, the ad has just a few seconds to grab their attention and positively change their attitude. Remember, you are a stranger invading their personal email and trying to sell them something so their attitude is not usually a welcoming one.   
Now this is how the MoneyMail platform addresses and overcomes these these challenges.

The MoneyMail Inbox

First of all, MoneyMail provides our members with a dedicated MoneyMail inbox. For this reason, there is no need to avoid pesky SPAM blockers so the delivery of your ad mail is guaranteed. In addition, our members receive nothing but ads in their MoneyMail inbox, therefore, ad mail is never mixed together with personal email.

The Purpose of MoneyMail

MoneyMail has been created for the purpose of connecting consumers and advertisers in a mutually beneficial way. For members, the sole-purpose for logging into MoneyMail is to check their inbox for ads. Therefore, our advertisers have our members’ undivided attention.

A New Attitude

Please take a moment and think about what you do when you open your personal email. Do you feel annoyed when receiving ads among personal email, especially ads that are of no interest to you? Have you developed a negative attitude toward ad mail, especially when it clutters your email inbox?  Do you delete ad mail without opening it? If you were to ask a group of consumers these questions, the great majority would answer with a resounding YES! So why would you want to receive all this negative attention from potential consumers? It’s time to change their attitudes! With MoneyMail, when our consumers log in, they are greatly anticipating receiving ad mail. There is a completely different emotional response. Not only do you have the consumers’ undivided attention, but they’re in a good mood. And when consumers are in a good mood, they are more likely to purchase from your business. This is, after all, an advertiser’s number one goal.

In closing, MoneyMail suggests that you stop struggling with ineffective email marketing and join a community where your ads are welcome. There is no more more ‘great email subject lines’ more annoyed consumers, just good business.



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