Monday, November 28, 2011

MoneyMail: Looking Forward to the Challenges Ahead

“Too Good To Be True”

When we first launched MoneyMail, the initial response was; “It’s too good to be true”. We did not take this response negatively; instead, we found it motivating, and at the same time, reassuring that our idea of paying consumers for their time to view ads was indeed “too good”. Therefore, we realized that one of our greatest challenges would be to show consumers that MoneyMail is, in fact “true” – a trustworthy and beneficial community. Why is it such a challenge to establish MoneyMail as a reputable community? Unfortunately, there are no shortages of illegitimate companies making false claims and promises. This makes it difficult for an up-and-coming company with an innovative business model (deemed “too good to be true”) to earn the trust of consumers. However, we are very confident and know that soon enough, more people will start spreading the ‘good word’ about our community. As more and more members begin earning money for viewing ads; it’s only a matter of time before MoneyMail explodes. We hope you will be with us during this sudden rise in growth and popularity.

The “Chicken And Egg” Dilemma

MoneyMail is faced with a “chicken and egg” dilemma. We have 2 types of members – consumers and advertisers. Each plays a vital role to the success of the whole community. Consumers attract advertisers (especially as the number of consumers increases) and advertisers attract consumers (especially as the number of ads distributed increases). However, the challenge for MoneyMail is that we have started from ground zero – zero consumers and zero advertisers. For Phase I of development, we have decided to proceed by attracting consumers first. This has not been easy; mainly because we have little to no advertisers sending out ads. With the lack of ads circulating in the MoneyMail community, it is difficult to create trust, loyalty and enough consumer buzz to grow this community at the rate we desire. Nonetheless, MoneyMail remains optimistic and unrelenting in our mission to establish a community where all members greatly benefit and earn money. Why are we so optimistic? It is because we have tremendous faith in our members to help this community grow. We hope your faith in us, in developing such a community, is just as strong.

Uncharted Territories

By far, one of MoneyMail’s greatest challenges is that we are one of a kind. There are no other successful companies using this business model that we can emulate. There is no set road map we can follow to develop our vision. MoneyMail is treading in uncharted territories and we are relying on guesswork, forethought and most of all, intuition. And as difficult as this journey may prove to be for us, we will continue to strive forward. Because that’s what successful leaders in every industry do; they go boldly where no one has gone before and they trust in their ability to rise above all challenges.       

Please feel free to leave a comment, add any suggestions which you think will help this community grow and prosper, and play an active role in growing the MoneyMail community by sharing this blog with everyone you know. Thank you!

The MoneyMail Team

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